When I was in high school, Senior year 2,my class teacher distributed our mathematics test scripts, I was not excited about it cause I was not not good with my arithmetics,people would say I will never make it pass my high school with my ever red marks on mathematics,and I envied my friends who were mathematics geniuses, My classmates got tired of explaining over and over again,When my teacher gave me my script, she said something in Yoruba language which means I literally sleep and wake with failure *painful shey? *I was pained, not too pained too.
My teacher knew how good I was with my other subjects, I held on to the word, Right after my Grad, I got my admission into Great Ife through merits, I was the first person to get into an institution , TBH, her words didn’t make me raise my game, the hope and the trust people had in me made me,people don’t understand how words Pierce through the soul and how it can affect a person, I actually plan on driving to the school with my legs out of the window screaming. F*VK YOU I MADE IT!!..
P. S:::I still hate mathematics 😂




Sorry! Eskiss me! I saw you from afar,i was waving,you didn’t answer me,am Tamedo!can i have your number?”
He stood in front of me and poured some compositions i barely heard,Uncle Tamedo looked like he’s in his early 30s,with a potbelly that obviously read

I’ve been to every bar around

I saw him standing next to an electric pole with his blackberry touch in his hands,beaming and waving,i ignored him and paid attention to the busy road i was about to cross,i crossed and stood at the other side,waiting for a bus in the scorching sun,”uncle Tamedo gingerly crossed and before i could say boli and epa,he quickly narrated his life in few words,i was too tired to even start up a “am sorry,i can’t give you my number” conversation,giving him a false number won’t work cause i know he’ll try it there.
I asked for his number instead( because i know i won’t call) .“Ah! No,lemme af yours instead”,My soul,spirit and body begged me to give him so he’ll give us space to keep chanting
challenge!’ at every moving bus,i obeyed and just gave him,He kuku called it and
showed a yellow set of broken teeth.
*      *     *        *      *       *      *      *     *


🔗Shackles (1)

I got a news earlier this week that a childhood friend just had her baby,i was dazed,not because of the pregnancy but dazed at how she was able to go past her family’s strict protocol.
Let’s call her ‘B’,B is from a religious fanatic family,the kinda family where they clearly state rules thinking it’ll make their children the best;

“no earrings,the trousers for females,no circular music and yes,friends will be inspected to avoid “worldly influence”,

B spends most of her time in church,a devoted chorister  in the children and teen’s church,so you can imagine the amount of shock her pregnancy will bring,i feel like she has been caged,controlled and made into a shadow….


What’s the name of that cream?

2007,we were girls in our primary school where the surrounding smelt of wet earth in the rainy season and dry soil in the dry season,In our ever clean and not too clean, blue and white checked gown and beret,On the assembly ground,where the green,white,green flag waving on the long,white pole,With the loud,piercing voice of  a  teacher instructing with the

“line up according to your heights!”

  We’ll march gracefully,till we got to the final class,where we merely walk carelessly with the bass of the drum thumping in our hearts.
  9years later,Zainab in class B,the girl teachers call Ebony,stood in front of me now looking like Fanta+Coke




Every time i read about feminism,it breaks my heart,how women are expected to live their life for some other people..you know, you’d hear an average African parent go like “is that how you’ll behave when you get married”..the excitement and thrill of getting married when beneath ,you’re scared, “will the love fade away?,”Will my face eventually bore him?” We re automatically made slaves,while people go on chanting” the woman is to be submissive” abeg,don’t you guys read it all the way down? You’re to make money and take it to your husband like the way the women bring their annual harvest Thanksgiving to the altar.


on’t make more money than your  
husband“That ambition will affect your     marital life” “Your husband won’t approve of that” “men don’t want women that are ambitious or independent”.
Can we free ourselves and live for ourselves?  If you go 6ft down,wont he remarry? He’ll be able to close his eyes and sleep at night 💤,your children will live too… Please woman,remember to live for yourself…you’re beautiful😘💪👭🙌


SHE 2 👧

Her eyes ran through the messages on her
chat screen with Her wet bulgy eyes, which
she’s relaxing after stressing the Poor cute
eyes.She chuckled when a message popped
on Her screen,it was from one of her best
friends, the only male Among them. Her
companion though,goes off really fast,She
sighed, “You have to stay on for a while
please” she speaks like she’s Referring to a
friend who wants to leave her alone in a
dark room. She clicked on the chat screen
and quickly punched the keyboard
Lightly.she was about to click on one of the
200+ songs,when she Remembered that
she was still in Nigeria and PHCN is still
punishing The street. * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * “Arghh!! Thank God!” The words flew
out of her mouth when she heard The
freezer vibrates and makes the sound that
signified that the ‘masters’ Were now happy
to turn on the ‘gaddamn’ light. Crawling on
her belly,she made way to the socket To
feed her phone. She got up and ran to the
toilet ‘damn!!’, realizing She has been
punishing her ‘vee-vee’ and bladder,she
Threw herself on the toilet seat, eased her
bladder and Rolled her eyes,she let air out
of her mouth and sighed, Signifying how
relaxed she felt,while listening to the ‘drop-
drop’ Sound of her urine go down the bowl
and the awkward deafening Silence around
her,she knew it was the beginning of a new
life of A normal Nigerian girl,the freedom
ahead,the beauty beneath and The life



Tbh(to be honest) my imagination brought out the weird title,well,that’s for some other time,that might not come.
When i talk to people about how i feel when am angry,i literally hear

“its normal,you’re in the teenage phase”

i often roll my eyes at words like that,cause it seems programmed,to believe that when a teenager is angry or going through some emotions,that it’s just a phase in life,everyone has their emotions,if a 40 year old is going through somethings,do they call it “the adult phase of life where everything literally pisses you off?”.
Please uncles and aunties,try and understand,you were once a teenager,because you’re 33 doesn’t wipe away the fact that you were not once 18,..it’s no silly phase😒😒



Muna twirled in front of the new and only mirror in their cramped hostel room,rubbing her tummy..
Ebun,don’t you think i need a waist trainer?my stomach is getting too big for my liking o”.
  Ebun looked up from her Brittany chaser’s novel,she has read the book many times,that the edges chirped,Ebun couldn’t understand what Muna needed a waist trainer for,she envied her flat and smooth stomach..
Waist trainer for what?”
  ” which kind question be that? For my stomach now,i need that figure 8 o,its trending die!”
  Uhm! Don’t you think you’d end up squeezing your intestines? Why don’t you keep a healthy diet and exercise? Ha! Me i  don’t see what you people love in punishing yourselves o”.
Muna frowned her brows,tilted her head and shrugged,accepting the long talk of Ebun.
   “Nne,thanks Love,i have to go to the buttery,then town,abeg,stay safe”
She took a last glance at the mirror,smacked her lips and exited the room.
*    *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *  *  *  *   *   *    *   



She laid down,heaving loudly after her ‘good cry’,She lost the war again,sniffing loudly and patting the bed up and down,side by side,searching for her best companion,which rooms whats her only hope of joy and smiles, her Android Phone,which has given her so much, joy and pain. She turned it on and the light almost blinded her, she gave out a loud chuckle,she wondered, was it because of the light that gave her eyes,the bulgy, wet eyes,that little blindness in the dark room after ‘PHCN’ decided to punish the street,or because of her ‘good cry’,or the world waiting for her in her phone.

 IMG_20151207_023741She scrolled fast and her companion made the sound of a man who probably sounded like ‘Kratos’, the guy she has seen on her brother’s PlayStation and heard him talk bout ‘kratos’ more than a million time;with an unexplainable joy in her heart,she raced down to ‘BBM’,to her new found family in which she finds solace in,with biting lips and fast finger,which her almond nails were in charge,she felt beautiful seeing those fine nude nails she saw Riri,Beyonce and Eva… …