“I sha pray we won’t have to go home o, I can’t imagine, when did we get here? , I will now go back home again? God forbid!”
  One minute I was sitting with the orchestra, the next minute, we were saying our goodbyes.
  Just like that, we were on our way home, Chai! Oau is just weird.
  So let me feed you with the things that has been happening. first thing first.
  Am in love with pit theater
I know I came here to whine about the rehearsals and the time schedule with the evil faces of the coordinators. I was super wrong, okay, they looked scary but then as time went by, I fell in love with all of them. They are really nice, compared to the creepy stories we heard bout them, I’ll dedicate a post to them(that’ll be after the initiation). These guys left their comfort zones just to instruct a bunch of kids they don’t know and the love and the morale we get from them, Arghh bless their souls🙌
But then, we mess up Alot, we forget our lines, we forget our steps, we forget the sequence, with all the annoying things we do, they still encourage us, I just really hope we make them proud.
Presently, am back in Ibadan:'(back to face the realities of life, Back to my 12 of sleep, back to laziness, back to everlasting boredom and I miss rehearsals😥:(