I slowly removed the towel as if removing it at once would make the room explode, to reveal a scanty and thin hair “ha i shoulda never relaxed this hair o” A natural ‘virgin’ / kinky hair is a relaxer free hair. I’ve always been a victim of natural hair discrimination,that moment when Hairdressers/ stylists literally avoid you,cause of your hair, and when i have to comb it,it enrages monsters in my head,i was ignorant to these simple tips that could have helped my kinky.

1.There’s no wrong/right way to keep a natural hair, if you want to make a transition and join the #Teamnatural,its important to know that your hair will change right before your eyes, relaxers weaken and makes the hair lookdull( NO BEEF O!🙌)

2. Shampooing/ conditiong–choose a shampoo that’s gentle and a PH-balanced shampoo to prevent hair dryness.,( WASH YOUR HAIR ONCEPER WEEK AND USE A LUKEWARM WATER)

3.Visiting your stylist– They know more and can help advise you more on the best natural hair shampoo and conditioner.(DON’T LET THEM CHANGE YOUR MIND)

4.Use sheabutter(ori),coconut oil,Aloe Vera,Olive oil etc, they are natural hair activators,you can easily get them anywhere,visit you stylist to style your new kinky,boost your self-esteem and look super cute like your hair cause some people like me miss my natu

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