The community as a whole makes use of different technology for so many purposes, they are found in the hands of students, teachers, engineers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, and so on. Also these people are either introvert or extrovert, some are even both. But, the question is,” does technology makes us more introverted?” To me, it does makes us more introverted unless introverted depending on how often we use it, what we use it for and the technology itself.
     Let’s take an instance, in a class of both extrovert and introvert student, an assignment was given to them which would involve them do some finding about a particular place. These introverted students on their own gets the picture of the place through a digital camera,analyse the place, sit and thought, they try to view things happening in their own imaginary world, making deductions and inductions, exploring images in their head as if it were real, jotting down what they  think is right from their own perspective, Introverted students think alot in their own space so they have no problem with thinking. They type the information they have gathered from their thoughts on their laptops and forward them to their teachers. they are proven wrong though , they believe they are right. They become more introverted because they used few technologies and trusted their thought.
     Moreover, In their spare time they would read offline novels, take selfies, update their status on social networks, read posts on the internet without commenting, buy what they think is best for them on the internet. They isolate themselves from people, never forgetting their phones or camera. They are also found playing games with their phone or taking pictures with their camera. They get more introverted because of the way they use technology.
     Further more, students who are introverts because their own thoughts and feelings are always taken for granted in reality whenever they spend some time with people, thus, end up becoming less introverted online. They would always upload, comment, chat and post their feelings and thought on one or the other on the internet, there by creating an avenue to express themselves and spend more time with people on the internet. These make them less introverted because of how often she uses it even though they are introverted in reality.
     In another case, an engineer who is working on a project with so many other engineers would use big technologies which are large and complex. This will require them to spend time together and get things done accurately on the project. Now they’re extroverts, cause, not just an engineer’s thought but all is needed to run the machines, But this engineer is an introvert in the use of his mobile and personal computer to compute his own thoughts on how to build his personal machine without the help of any other engineer. He locates where the needed materials are and buys them electronically just to build his own machine even without any one knowing.
     In conclusion, the use of technology can make us either extrovert or more introverted individuals depending on how they are used in the hands of individual and the technology
     OLAJIDE Dorcas is a 100L student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of Economics, she has a strong passion for studying, Aydorcas on Twitter.