@abiola_a_a  @toria_btw @amie.sparks @bobbyjed Thank you for reminding me that I write.
It all started when the boy from the big city crawled into small mind.

Now I wish I had seen Edward that day because I call him my ‘good luck charm’,maybe I should have never been the adventurous type,I should have never stopped dancing, should have never loved the breeze that went through my gown,into my soul and gave me inner peace.
But I did,I tried not to let his hands,the hands which I would later tell Nonso “Emeka has nice hands”  I let his nice hands run over my face and when his breath ran through my neck, I gasped and then I lost it. 

Then we talked about our Lovers.

How Edward is the love of my life or how he pictures his life with Ifemelu.

 Ff I.G @abisolatiny.

 Juggling school and the blog is hard work.

I miss you loves♥


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