I’m Still Breathing

Hey Loves! How you all doing? Missed me?

 So let’s go down.Oh yes! Happy Easter in arrears. I’m currently in a taxi heading to Challenge, I’m going back to school.

So rewind to my last days in school.

I finished all my exam,I had to go home that very day,cancelled my plans to go for my departmental dinner, I was nominated as “best upcoming dancer” and “rookie of the year”,I had to stay back in school and just attend the dinner,I was busy all through the night.

 I danced like never before and did some 18+ shii😆.Then I heard something that made me go wawuuu! But that didn’t get to me hell no!  I found another spot o! And things went down,please don’t ask me.

 So I packed my stuff,my friends and i are moving into another hostel in town,leaving Mozambique hall , I was not pained cause the nonsense that comes with that hall ehn,no be for  here😠  I had to go to Osogbo before Ibadan,Boyfriend came to say bye,and I was batting my lashes to send the tears back, it was not like I wasn’t going to see him in Ibadan,but a day without my bestfriend is like a day without water.So i have a new rookie,Adesuwa,my course mate and a crazy girl.

I spent few days with my mum and Easter with my dad.Things have been happening but 🎤i’m still breathing 

 I’m in a bus going to Ife and I’m tired.I’ll gist you about what happened when I went to my best friend’s place.




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