Ola loved seeing me on stage acting and dancing,Ola would hug me after every performance and say

     “My baby killed the show, all eyes were on you.”

  Ola tied the knot with me and it was all over.I knew at that point in time that I’ve found the one,The person that would support me and my dreams.

 We made our cool cash, Ola would wait for me in our sleek BMW while I’m at the location, and we would spend the rest of the night cooking and finally make love in the kitchen,talk about how we want our first Child to be a female and would name her Vanessa,he would kiss my forehead and call me the next best actress, who would own the next Oscar idol.Ola got all the respect as the husband of the fastest upcoming actress. I got an endorsement, I was reaching the peak of my career,I still check cooking tutorials for new recipies,we still munch popcorns while watching our favourite harry Potter.I have decides to slow down,Ola is important to me too,So I put my life in the dark for the sake of our love. I have started having nauseating feelings,but i think it is stress.

 I have not stopped seeing my menstural cycle,so I am not pregnant.But Ola does not come home,he still buys my favourite ice cream,until I found the used condom in his back pocket and I’ve not made love to my man in weeks because the doctor said I am pregnant…..




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