From a relationship that ended the day it started .Taking another big risk,Dating my best friend😶

 I wouldn’t lie,Am scared! 

Besty has always been the only one I had,In this unseemly insane OAU world,He kept me sane,Besty is my diary,He knows all the detty sides of me,Besty would never judge me,Besty is simply my All.

 But then I am one crazy,jealous girl.you can imagine his female friend who has decided to always call me by his ex’s name,arghh:? can people be less annoying in this life?

Or his friend trying to make me have doubts about the relationship.

 Don’t say I am one hopeless Romantic,I can pretend not to be crazy in Love with Besty,then I’ll be constantly lying to myself.I get jealous too.I get insecured.But we all want the same thing. We all want Love.💑💏

 *I know people would think my relationship has to be private,pull a Beyonce.Nope 



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