I found a new spot,Around *1,000 seaters,the only place that seems to give me hope with this *Glo network,the atmosphere is so nice,you won’t really see couples doing all their stuff.

 The project rehearsals are on and O goodness!! Am crying for my mummy! The rehearsals are like hell,no 4am shit but then I can have like 3 rehearsals at the same frigging time. You can imagine yourself rehearsing from 6am to 4pm and it’s not like you’ll be in a nice dance class with the A.C blowing your sorrows away o,Nah!! You’ll joyfully dance under the sun with your feet suffering.

 Let’s leave that pit theatre part.I saw one of my results and I’m not impressed ,I hate the course,everyone literally does,I tried not to cry,but then I did and went back to read,had a little chit-chat with my cousin and read with my Bestie and his friends .I called my mum and told her,She didn’t freak out and I’m so grateful for that,cause an African mother’s drama at that point in my life would have been disastrous.I’m really scared.I am.

 Let’s divert again;School is where you find Love too,innit? And sometimes it’s where you think you’ve found Love.I really need to get things straight like, Can I just take a step back to the past? I’d erase a whole lot of things.I do regret a lot of things too.But then Life is like a Rollercoaster, different crazy stages, just sit back and enjoy the ride.But I really want to go to Bora-Bora or Hawaii.
 *1,000seaters is a lecture theatre in Obafemi Awolowo University.

*Glo is a network service provider in Nigeria


One thought on “LET’S DO THIS

  1. zaram says:

    Hehe. This is hysterical. I see that life has had you in a rush. You will be fine. I can relate with having to find service especially with using Glo to browse. About your result, you will be okay and there will be better results.😀

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