26.January. 2017

 Maybe it was because I forgot to pray in the morning. I discovered something the day before yesterday,which broke me but then I got back easily.

  • One of my results came out yesterday, I literally died twice,I wanted the tears to fall real bad,but then my eyes didn’t even show signs .I texted my Bestfriend instantly,then I sat on the floor,I was fidgeting. I called my mum and I told her,she encouraged to try harder,even suggested she coming to tutor me.I called my Bestfriend instantly and trust him,he threatened not to talk to me for a week if I cried. He insulted me out of the mood and I laughed in between the horror I found myself.
  •  The Nigerian cultural troupe  were in Pit theatre, “ADEFILA” is the director and they were to stage Moremi. I got there and sat my butt down.Something had to cheer me up.And the performance was lit!! I enjoyed myself. Redefined Theatre, Modernized Theatre, I was screaming and looking back to see the look on the director.Pit theatre came alive. They were given a standing ovation. 
  • I got outside and saw Sister Lara,with Funmi Mustapha and Jeff,my senior colleagues, who will be graduating in less than 4months,She gave me a bag and told me to follow them,We got outside and Funmi Mustapha laid the banner,had the pictures of the Finalists ,I had goosebumps instantly. I’ve been trying to shake away the fact that these set of people won’t be in Pit theatre in few months, but the banner brought emotions,Jeff had to climb to erect it.I started sobbing,Reality was dawning on me…….to be continued

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