An incident happened where my classmate was embarrassed because of what she was wearing.It caused an uproar and she was told to excuse the class, you know how students would react,some people started taking pictures, while some booed ,some clapped.

My classmates and I sat rooted and dumbfounded, what she wore was not befitting ,soft! But then my ears heard hurtful and heart stabbing words, even from her classmates..some even said “she’s a drama student and will forever remain a drama student”, those words came from a dramatic arts student like her, like me.

“It’s dramatic arts,they won’t talk In the department” my classmate said that too,right to my face.

We all realized how bad what she wore to class was but why would people decide to judge,to say hurtful words without their own words pricking them.You can easily go meet the person and talk to her about her dressing,people have done that to me too and i appreciate it.Everyone talks without even checking themselves,All we want to do is criticize.

 You can’t tell the next person beside you that what he or she is wearing is really bad,the next reply would be “am confortable in what am wearing” “come and buy clothes for me” “their own children are doing worse”  have said things like that too.

 Bob Marley once said

  Before you point at another person check yourself and remember that the 4 fingers are pointing at you.


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