I was in a class on Tuesday morning,We’ve all given up on the lecture all because our lecturer won’t even show his own face in the class *welcome to the Educational system in Our own Naija* ,the man surprised us o,he came looking all radiat,didn’t even talk about the 4 or so classes that he refused to attend.

 Very Bubbly man,the kind of lecturer that will always spice things up with stories, he had a story for every point he dotted out. He talked more about WOMEN ,It got to a point where I got really pissed,I really can’t put the words down just the way he said it but I’ll try to summarize in the way that I can.

 During my postgraduate days,I went to read,I was on my own o when this lady came, in a mini skirt, I wonder why nobody wouldn’t want to rape her.

 I never knew people still had this very absurd thinking about Rape,Why don’t you take your eyes away? I don’t support indecent dressing,its not right but using a Lady’s attire as an excuse for rape is crazy.

Little children often walk around bare due to heat and some other stuff,you can imagine an insane person trying to harrass the child sexually,well its not even surprising again cause some Mad people now walk around and say a 4year old was trying to seduce them.

It’s getting out of hand,Nobody is safe, I don’t feel safe,I walk around lookinUb  should do something about 


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