I need a vacation

So am having a very bad morning,I just left my lecturer’s office and got threatened with a carry over,am crying all because she thinks am not a serious student,I got the wrong time and got into the class 45 minutes into the lecture.

They think am crying all because of what she said,but am crying because I’ve given too much into this to have it all thrown away with words of mouth.

 So far,I love my lecturer,she’s a very good woman who has a good relationship with her students,she’s very good at critising,she makes her students work their butts off to the point of cursing but then i was told it’ll help me in the end.Am just not starting on a good note with her, I hope to fix it soon.

 Just had a row with a friend, so I decided to stay on my own,till am okay.I wouldn’t want to talk out of anger, it’ll ruin things so I’ll stay put till am okay.The Bible advises not to stay angry till sundown.

  I ought to register my health care thing, but am too destabilized,having a preview from 2-3pm and audition starts by 3pm. I auditioned for 3 play projects yesterday and I got it *yayy* Dance auditions starts tomorrow.I’ll feed with everything that happens next.

 So i am still going to sit on the staircase leading to another department, my eyes are red,have not had my bath cause I rushed down to pit theatre,Am still angry and I’m still in love with myself.


                 Abisola Tiny



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