He does not know I like his moustache and how it’s not too bushy,I love his eyes, how they are big and small at the sa

me time and they become thin when he smiles or laugh.When he smiles,when he smiles I secretly fall in love with him.I love the way his teeth shows and how his face wrinkles at the side of his eyes when he is laughing,But I can’t remember how he sounds. I can’t remember his voice.

   I love the way he walks,how he commands respect and his arms and the muscles,and I love him wearing tantops.His Hair,because of the way it felt when I touched it.His lips,Goodness!! But I can’t remember how it tastes.

 But he showed me and later I would wonder and ponder on how many girls has seen that too.I read about it,but I still don’t know.I can’t remember what I said when he told me that,later I would sit and try to remember ,but I won’t. But I promised him.

  I can’t remember my words but now I want to remember, Am playing the scenario in my head,but I can only remember going back to him, our legs entangled in each other,how so many questions ran through my mind,Questions I haven’t found answers to. But I can remember his smile and how he tried to dance,so I grew to love the song because of him and later,I danced to it in my room.


But I don’t know what to feel,I want him and I don’t, I felt dirty and cheap when he made that sentence ,he couldn’t see the tears gathering and me blinking to fight it back.so I wrapped in him,warm,I moved closer,maybe it would burn the guilt and dissolve my iced heart.

 Photo credit:::Instagram


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