1. “My hair doesn’t define me”

 Yesterday,I was having serious cramps,I was sweating profusely, my kinky hair was not helping matters, before now,I was getting bored of my hair,I made a wool hair and the pain I went through ehn,I wanted to take a scissors and cut the wool with my hair instantly but the hair is expensive ,I can not come and waste money .

  1. So hormones set in and with anger,I took a small black scissors, I didn’t even care about starting and cutting neatly,I kept cutting from the scalp,then I remembered the drink lying on the table, I drank it like I was in a drinking competition.I kept cutting and I was loving was fun,I laughed and kept cutting till my kinky lied on the floor,dead.

 I looked at it and was amazed,see what has been following me less than 2hours after I posted my new look,I received both negative and positive comments,some people even said I now look ugly*who needs hair with a face like this though”.

 I love the fact that I can run my hands over my head,I can look in the mirror and love what am seeing ,I can have my bath with the water running down from my head,I feel beautiful and free.

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Am officially back


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