6 months without technology

“Your husband better not get you a ring, unremovable necklace will do” 

That’s how people think i can be that careless or how i think i can be.

 Since i don’t have a phone or a laptop,I decided to keep records of everything in my memory and pour it all out when I get a phone, I knew in my heart that I won’t even try thinking back so ‘Dominic’ encouraged me and told me to go back to my pen and paper and i promised myself not to be careless with this book.

 The fact that I write and in few days my creative works end up in the bin or ‘Lord-knows-where’ can be very heartbreaking,and the idea of racking my brains to recover all what I wrote line by line will just give me headaches.

So if you’re reading this,it means I have a phone now and am back and i missed y’all.



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