OK! This is about me, I’ll just write this down just the way I feel. I’m getting pretty worried about my relationship with people around me.
  Am an extrovert, I make friends Alot and I make them real fast, but then I realized something, I get super attached, we could talk all day and be best of friends, this could go on for months, years and all of a sudden, we’d stop talking like before, we’ll just drift from “what we used to be”. Our conversations will be super awkward, we’ll talk like once in two weeks.
  After I noticed this, I decided to just stop getting really attached to anyone, stop letting people in much.
  Now, I have some friends I talk to everyday, and I told them one after the other, “Don’t find it weird if we wake up tomorrow and we drift”, yes, they all thought I was joking or it can never happen . it’s happening.
  I feel so bad because, I really want to talk to these people, we never fought,no issues but we just drift, I just lose the connection we had, and I just ask myself “what happened?” . I don’t know if it’s okay or its weird. Am just confused. Now I love it when I stop at hello, don’t go further.. It’s heartbreaking



3 thoughts on “TRUST ME, I WANT YOU TOO

  1. Joh says:

    The answer lies deep within each of us… We need to search deeply within, to go back to the inner core values, to the values we really treasure, the values that really matter… Simply put, we need to traverse the hardest journey to find us, each and every one of us…(#things are falling apart, otherwise!)

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  2. Andy's Sight says:

    Strange, but its how the world roles today. Crazy it gets, thinking how we shouldn’t act like everybody, since thet are all driven by the crazy trend. Maybe we should draw back to who we used to be… Dont we admire who we used to be, than who we predict, fear to turn out!

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