I got home and came down from my car, Emeka, our security, ran towards me and greeted with a shaky voice filled with worries, I understood why he sounded like that. He is home, before me, I forgot to mention that am a full housewife. I opened the door with fidgeting hands, our sitting room reminds me of the houses I see in the soap opera Nta shows every Thursday, very modern and spacious, and right there on his favorite leather couch,sat Kolade Williams, the man I love.
   Kolade Williams, tall, rich and handsome the only guy the girls wanted, Kolade was so sweet and charming, he begged Muinat to help talk to me, and trust Muinat, she threatened to break our friendship if I accept his proposal, 3 years after, I walked to the altar with the man of my dreams.
  “where have you been?”
“Good evening”
“what is good about the evening? I said where have you been!! ?”
“I went to the market to get some foodstuffs
” Why didn’t you send Amina?I have not eaten”
My legs had started shaking since I was on heels and I’ve been standing for sometime, but I knew I had to answer his questions, I couldn’t see his face . his face was in his palm.
“I have some customers there, I told Amina to prepare porridge before you get back, I’m sorry, I’ll go to the kitchen right away”
  Seeing that as a chance to escape, I eagerly carried the basket and tried moving towards the kitchen, I could feel my….
   “If you move an inch, I’ll make sure you go 6ft down!! ”
I froze, I felt my heart stop and a cold shiver run through my spine. He rose and before I could blink, he was walking towards me, I wanted to run, I should run but my legs failed me,I kept mouthing what I couldn’t decipher, He is still moving towards me, I can see his hand coming towards my face, I think I fell to the ground, and something that felt like iron or a whip or maybe his belt kept making a swoosh swoosh sound, My cheeks are really hot, my eyes are on fire, my tears burned my cheeks more, but I couldn’t shout, I didn’t feel any pain but I knew I was bleeding.
“mummy! Madam! Yawo Allah!”
The accent, the little sobs that am used to, it’s Amina, my maid. Am trying to open my eyes but Amina now has a clone, I shut them again, a tear fell.
The tiles was cold and it soothed my skin, Now I wish I had followed the footsteps of Muinat, I wish I had made my mother cry and roll on the floor when I tell her I’ll never get married, I wish I had tore the white gown and burned the bouquet,Now, I wish I cry for Tundun, who will never get the love of a mother again, now I cry in silence, I should have spoken up, I should have said something . I’ve been silenced by the one I love. The father of my child.
   But I made pain look good as I ease into silence.
*       *      *       *        *     *
  Dear woman, Run.
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2 thoughts on “BLADES. 2

  1. zaram says:

    Nice story .

    Women need to know that when faced with domestic violence the best solution is to RUN.
    It doesn’t make one a coward. It only gives the opportunity to live to fight another day.

    Thanks for the enlightenment

    Liked by 2 people

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