This is a story I wrote out of concern. I hope it reaches someone that needs it.
*    *     *    *    *   *   *   *    *   *  *   *   *  *
  “Challenge! Mokola! I no get change o! Ehn ehn before we change it for each other
   The conductor removed his shirt, wiped it over his sweaty face, and hung it round his neck, Bukky looked at his pimples filled face and thought to herself
“and someone will still kiss this face o
She looked out of the rickety bus, which had a glittery sticker beside the window that read ‘paso oga nla’. There was something about Ibadan public transport that she doesn’t fancy, she shifted again, the women with the woven basket seem not to notice her discomfort as they kept talking.
“hmm ori mii, pikin still small, still very small o!”
   “the man just finish her just like that, and they warn her everyday, leave him, take your children, and be happy, she say no, and see her, die”
  “and if you ask her, she say am fine,she no go talk, before you say peem, the man have remarry and just leave the children”
  The women sighed and changed the topic to something Bukky had no interest in.
*    *    *   *     *    *    *   *   *   *   *  *   *    *
I walked into Muinat’s boutique, and gently smiled back at Gloria, her sales girl.
  “Gloria, how now? How market?”
  “we thank Jehovah ma”
“your oga dey in?”
Gloria nodded. And I made my way into the inner chamber of her boutique, Muinat was on the phone, like every other day, screaming into the phone, she  was so engrossed in her discussion and didn’t even bother to look at me, I dropped my Versace bag on her table and sat down.
  Muinat is my best friend, right from our days in the University, she’s the most social of our clique and yea, you can call her the iron lady, I stared at her picture frame, A woman in her late 30s, on her low Jerry curl and who seem to have no worries, A single mother of two who has refused to get married…
“Bukky for show! Ma binu jare, it’s the man who ought to deliver my goods o, the store is literally empty and he’s here telling me nonsense, how far? Should I call Gloria to get something for you? “
  I laughed and joked about how am very used to her attitude.
” am OK o, I went to the market, and decided to drop by, hope you’re hearing from Dunsin and his sister? You should let them come home for the holidays now”
  “what did you get for me? Yes, I called last night, they’ll definitely come, I will help them book the tickets, Han Han! remove your sunshade and hat now, are you in the sun?”
  I hesitated and finally removed them, I tried looking elsewhere so she won’t notice my purple eyes and little scars. I could see her staring at me with her mouth agape, with my side eyes..
“Bukky, he did it again abi?”
I stood up and fondled with the fur on the hanger, trying to avoid her question.
“Bukky, if you don’t know, your silence speaks louder than your words
I sat and dropped the fruits I got for her.“I will go and pick Tundun tomorrow, they are vacating tomorrow”
I kept tapping the table and she kept looking at me… (to be cont’d)

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7 thoughts on “Blades

  1. zaram says:

    Wow. This is nice.
    The issue of domestic violence is as annoying as it is crucial.

    Women need to speak out, shunning fear.
    Men need to learn that these women are not mannequins for punching practice.

    A lot has to be done.
    Weldone ma’am.👍

    I await the second part

    Liked by 1 person

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