Patching it all up


Welcome to my favorite month loves.
   So uhm it’s my birthday month and am making a lot of changes, and yea,I’ll be 17 and I’ll blah blah blah😒.
I’m making peace with everyone I had an issue or two with, I reconciled with two old friends and still on the way to patch things up with the others. I got really hurt with what these beautiful people did to me but then I just thought like, seriously, Life is too beautiful to keep holding on to your pain, am going to come out straight, I know it can never be like the past, our conversations will never be the same. If I try to patch things up and they still take that for granted, I’ll just understand that it’s part of what makes us human. Am not going to wait for the ‘am sorry’, whatever happens, I know I’ll be able to sleep, knowing that I’ve cleared things. What if something happens tomorrow and I don’t get to amend things with beautiful soul? I will live with the guilt.
“imagine the person you’re ignoring for a while doesn’t wake up tomorrow, would you regret your pride?”
To everyone that pierced my soul and made my heart bleed, I forgive you.
To anyone that I’ve ever hurt in any way, do forgive me. I love you.



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