I finished my rehearsals like an hour ago, it was an Igbo dance thing and it’s quite nice but I was struggling with two steps.
I felt like I was going to pass out, I kept gazing at the Nike slippers and the Nike sign kept getting smaller and it became blur, I staggered but told myself.. “Abisola, you are not going to faint and create a scene”
The only thing I wanted was to run out of the theater and cry, I could feel the tears gathering up, but I fought them back. It took forever before we were dismissed. I didn’t care about the statues that scares me, Ola Rotimi’s big glasses didn’t shake me, nor did I feel like the shackles in the hand of the big statue will hold me back, I walked slowly but I felt a Crack in my heart, a tear fell.
I ran to the back and saw some people, I moved forward and sat on the steps, I cried and called on the only person that understands, I called on God, I told him. Told him to heal me, he sees my heart, I felt a gentle breeze and I picked up my phone to call my mum.
  I don’t even know what’s wrong but I know I won’t stop moving.


I’ll keep going



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