Dear Future Crush


It’s been 5 days :'(, I’ve miss writing but then have been busy with school and rehearsals, so I need to dedicate this post to my recent crush, unlike the 3rd one, I’m happy I met this crush.
P.J:::Have you ever had a crush that’s not really a crush? This is what am going through, am happy I’m crushing on him. It’s not bout P.J’s body or something everyone sees, I see P.J as a mystery I just want to unravel, He’s not like every other crush I’d love to go out with.
When he talks, I just want to listen, he’s deep, he makes me want to strive and become better. His eyes holds questions and answers he never wants to admit. P.J is one of the strongest people I’ve known but then I see weakness, I see a guy that needs something but shoves it when it comes his way,we call it stronghead in Nigeria, P.J is just someone I could take risks for. BTW his body is lit mehh ;)😆



One thought on “Dear Future Crush

  1. technobabble1 says:

    And we miss hearing from you Zizzy. 😦

    Stronghead sounds a lot like dense and stubborn in the US. Sometimes with risk comes great reward. Then again, sometimes with risk comes, well, not so great reward. However, he’s just a sorta-crush, so perhaps you bookmark that one and keep looking for now, unless he asks first. 🙂

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