Hello Loves.. So uhm the final two yea? It’s just the pathetic one and the recent weird crush.
OK Fam! If you see this, it’s gone, it’s in the past. I’m done with it, let’s not bring it back,just read this and laugh 😂.
The 3rd crush is the pathetic C.U.. my longest crush that made my heart go Pim-Pim, I’ll emphasize on this one cause *whispers* he became my boyfriend(Forgive me fam, I betrayed y’all,but things like this are bound to happen right?😌) If you’re reading this and you’re not from Africa or Nigeria, you might feel it’s okay to have a boyfriend when you’re 15,but it’s like a taboo here, so back to the story..
    I met C.U in the most beautiful and funny way, we became super close, not a day goes by without talking to him, C.U had a girlfriend and blah blah blah, he literally turned into my besty/crush, I told him I had a crush on him sha*what could I do hun? *Months passed and unfortunately(and maybe fortunately😋) C.U became single (time to strike shey?) months went by again and C.U asked me out(I knew I shouldn’t do that but I just couldn’t help it) I said yes💃(I still wish I had said no) C.U was so sweet but behind the mask I saw, there was a face I knew nothing about.. 2016..we broke up to the glory of God 🙏*Epp me shout Hallelujah 🙌*

I guess I’ll talk about the last crush later.. J.B(not Justin Bieber o)
It’s 12:21am and I have to sleep
Give your comments and tell a friend.



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