When I was in high school, Senior year 2,my class teacher distributed our mathematics test scripts, I was not excited about it cause I was not not good with my arithmetics,people would say I will never make it pass my high school with my ever red marks on mathematics,and I envied my friends who were mathematics geniuses, My classmates got tired of explaining over and over again,When my teacher gave me my script, she said something in Yoruba language which means I literally sleep and wake with failure *painful shey? *I was pained, not too pained too.
My teacher knew how good I was with my other subjects, I held on to the word, Right after my Grad, I got my admission into Great Ife through merits, I was the first person to get into an institution , TBH, her words didn’t make me raise my game, the hope and the trust people had in me made me,people don’t understand how words Pierce through the soul and how it can affect a person, I actually plan on driving to the school with my legs out of the window screaming. F*VK YOU I MADE IT!!..
P. S:::I still hate mathematics 😂



2 thoughts on “PIERCE

  1. technobabble1 says:

    Actually, I think your own drive and desire to become more was what made you succeed. The desire to show that math teacher she was wrong, and the hopes and support of others helped buoy you along the way. With your drive, the rest means little. 😀

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