OK! Am gon be very blunt right now, this might spark some controversial things up, I’ll be talking bout all the people I’ve crushed on, am not talking bout celebrity crushes now, people I might never meet,this is about the real ones I’ve seen and had contact with.. They are just 4,right from my elementary school😁*yelz we’ve been crushing since 1990* to a random one to another pathetic one during my teenage years and the not too recent one… We’ll have to disclose their names in codes, we don’t want some drama, do we? I’ll just take 2 today.
  S.O.J–we’ll call him that.. My first official crush, the kinda crush you remember and just turn your mouth cause you were probably out of your mind?  Nah.. I stalked him few weeks ago, The Bobo is still fine o. We were close, then after primary school, we lost contact, All thanks to Facebook. It brought him right back to my “friends you might know” thing. I sent a request, got accepted*my shoki was lit that night ;):roll:*, then I sent a message,didn’t even overdo, his reply gave me 0% hope.
So Yaya! I got crushed by my crush😑:'(*but I’ll still stalk😁*.

O.J.S –we’ll call him OJS *looks the same like SOJ*. Let me do some flashback to my junior high school when he asked me out *he was actually crushing then😋*I declined, very young.. Come back💭Few years later, I started crushing on him*see karma o😩* now we’re close but Bobo is now gone, just the perfect TRH guy oo.
So Yaya! I got crushed by my crush:'(

We’ll continue tomorrow loves.. Yawning😴:'(



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