6 heartbreaking weeks


So, am a dramatic arts student, am preparing for my initiation, coming up soon, probably July, I’ll go through all the training. So we met our coordinators today and some senior colleagues, The coordinators seem nice to an extent, but then some looked 😈evil, we’ll go through the initiation training for 6 weeks with a 4am-7pm and 8am-11pm training, every frigging day..*you’re free to cry for me*
I got moody right after the meeting cause I know I just have to sacrifice Alot, and uhm turn into something else, bury Alot of things, deal with myself and all. We’ve been given some rules too, no nails*I love my nails pedicured though*, no jewelries, no walking on the stage with shoes and some other stuffs.
The coordinators are to be strict, you know to make us take the rehearsals seriously, I’m pretty excited and nervous.. I hope I’ll get to update and I’ll share few pictures..
Pray for me loves 💘



35 thoughts on “6 heartbreaking weeks

  1. technobabble1 says:

    It sounds like the famous fine arts academy in New York that the play and movie FAME were based on. It’s a ton of hard work, very long hours… But if you persevere, you will be incredibly proud of what emerges! We all will Zizzy. Go forth and conquer! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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