I miss y’all:(

We got home
i knew Sister Flo was home already,i washed my legs outside
and quietly placed my messy sandals beside the pail.
  “Bolade,bawo ni? Fufu and okro is on the stool for you and Subo,I’m coming”
Sister Flo didn’t bother to hear my answer before she dashed out, i was happy
though, it meant freedom till she and mama comes back home,the joy of fufu Consumption filled me,i rushed into the room the children, shared,i quickly removed my uniform,i was in my red,saggy pants,the chilly wind blew inside and waved past my nose,it smelled of sand and rain,i quickly ate my food and rinsed ny mouth with water,its Friday,as teacher Sandra said, which means no school for two days, the riverside will be full and Femi would definitely be there



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