Give it a title

The wet and clazlyish ground kept holding back My new leather sandal
which Mama just bought,As i frowned and murmured,trying to lift my
tiny legs,i almost cursed the


rains,staring at my now messy,leather sandal,
the sandal i had used to ‘buga’ in school just this week.
Subomi whistled “mama and sister flo will show you pepper today”
and i turned back,his own sandal was in his hand,he clunged to his nylon
bag that contained his book,i felt stupid realising that i should
have held my leather sandal in my hands,i heard Subomi laugh with
his frog-like voice,the clay sticking to the bottom of my sandals begged to be
throwned at him, i snapped at him and gave him a ‘you will see’ look…..
Photo credit::painting by Olumide Oresegun

(Sorry i haven’t been updating,got issues  with  my keyboard😭😩) 



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