Mouth sealed.

“Should we be talking about that?”
Aunty Ibina said in  a loud whisper,i quickly scanned the faces of everyone on my row and i saw a group of smirking teenagers,I smiled,we know.
  We were in the church,it was a service for teens and youths,it was a question and answer time,an issue about sex popped up and it was obvious that the officials were trying to avoid this question,the air was thick and smelled of nervousness.
I heard a giggle behind me,another one at my far left,my friend nudged me,i knew looking at her would bring out a loud,uncontrollable laughter,i nudged her back,everyone in the room was waiting for the answer when one of the officials came forward to the podium.
“Refreshments will be served soon”
  I shaked my head,why is everybody acting so mysterious,why do people avoid an issue that could have helped alot of people?



5 thoughts on “Mouth sealed.

  1. technobabble1 says:

    Sex. I think it’s the greatest contradiction know to mankind. Crucial to our continued existence, yet the mere discussion of it is considered taboo, dirty, to be avoided at all costs. This goes double for talking about it with “children” (different cultures determine how we differentiate children from adults…).

    We want kids (for the sake of this conversation, we’ll say teenagers are “kids”) to make smart decisions when it comes to their bodies. Many don’t want to talk about sex because they think talking about it tells teenagers, “Hey, this is cool! You should definitely try it!” What they don’t realize is that many DO try it, flirt with trying it, or see the images in mass media that sell it and get the message that–as above, “This is cool!” Uneducated teenagers, when it comes to sex, become pregnant teenagers, disease-infected teenagers, and generally teenagers with misguided images of sexuality.

    Never be afraid to ask questions when it comes to sex. If the people you’re talking to won’t answer them, try to find someone you trust that will–appropriately. I’m a firm believer that kids that have a strong education when it comes to sexual topics make better decisions and lead healthier lives. 🙂

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