That’s a man’s job”: Our society has
stereotyped certain roles, jobs, occupation and
careers to males. A woman who tries one of
these masculine role, is therefore seen as odd.
Parents should learn to tell their daughters there
are no specific jobs or career men, it makes
them broaden their thoughts.
While i was waiting for my school to resume,i decided to learn how to cut people’s hair,become a barber,the thought of doing something unique,the reactions i got were so funny,like people were surprised,they said where have i seen a female doing that.i allowed them bury my hope.
Months later,we saw a female being praised for being a barber,and i wondered where the famous “what a man can do,a woman can do better” ran to.



2 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T

  1. greysweaterdude says:

    Well, I’m a guy, and I know it’s not ideal, but it’s still a man’s world. In spite of all the efforts women have made towards recognition as equals, in spite of the contributions lots of women have made towards development, society and modernization, men still call pretty much all the shots, whether in primary roles or behind the scenes, especially in this country of ours. And unfortunately, even our teachers, who should stress the equality of the sexes so we don’t grow up with a skewed idea of the roles both men and women play in society are complicit in perpetuating this problem. I remember back in school, each time a girl was the best in a subject or best overall, our teachers would rant and rant about how we “allowed a girl” to be better than us. And I used to think – wait o, isn’t it the same one brain that we guys have that they have? And the worst part of it was that it wasn’t just the male teachers – female teachers said the same thing as well. Probably they were trying to teach us based on the norms of the society they were brought up in, in which the women are always subordinates to the men. Or they felt they were challenging us. I don’t know which, really. I learnt early on, however, that it’s not about what you’ve got between your legs or going up on your chest but what what’s in your brain that matters. I just hope more of the current and next generations can see it that way as well.

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    • thenigerianteenagerco says:

      Very deep!!🙌tbh,i feel like women will never have this equality with men,Its just obvious,even in the holy book,but can still be given regards cause women are super important.
      Nigerian teachers will just spoil ginger,it happened last in my primary school.
      I hope so too.
      Thank you for the love,it keeps me going👏😘


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