(I wrote this in 2015,the year was pretty shaky,i  just decided to share)
*        *        *       *     *     *     *    *     *    *     The sun down was really pretty,golden orange, i sat down and
Stared at it non stop, the sight threw me back to the end of 2014,
how i was so excited about 2015,i laughed and shook my head,
Surprised at how i was not feeling giddy about 2016.
2015,this year ,mehh,was revealing, i grew in this year,it
Embraced and eventually knocked me hard.
I was pretty excited bout how I’d move out of the secondary
Student thang and get into the tertiary ,how I’d clock 16 and all da
Shii,i was really positive about this year.
True to my expectations,i wrote all my exams,clocked 16, and
Got my admission,cool, in between all of these,a solid part of me
Was crashing,the things i love were drowning,but i couldn’t save them.
I lost all i ever loved and lost myself too, i was screaming but i couldn’t
Even hear myself.i resulted into doing one thing,crying,that was the only
Thing i could think of,just cry,i was drowning in my own tears,Life gave me
A tough one,i was tested with things beyond my age and thinking,i was battered.
The people i know whom i called “friends” the people i’d die for but wont even
Ride for me, some people arent just meant to be with you till the end of the race.
The Love and Power of blood was displayed, siblings are just the next thing you
Can have or pray for.
2015 made me know how to make pain look really good,how to fight back my tears,
How to grow into what you ought to be.
I met new people and made a lot of mistakes,i learnt and i taught,i received and i
Gave, i did hurt some people and i was stabbed too,the one person i could pour it out
To wasn’t really listening. The insults and how i gave up.
I’m breathing, maybe I’m happy,maybe i accomplished my 2015 goals.
I don’t really have any goal for 2016,bobo should just do its thing, I’m grateful for the
Smiles and the laughter, my loves who stayed with me and tried to pull me out when i was
Drowning, I really really love every bit of you guys,i hope your 2016 wont be like the craii side of my 2015.     Have a beautiful 2016 like i will.



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