*      *     *      *        *        *      *     *   
I eventually got a bus,as per Ibadan public transport,there was a lot of cursing and insults,I eventually got home in peace
  My phone rang,an unidentified number,i received the call,with my finest innit accent,i asked whom i was speaking with,my face gently lost joy and i returned to my Nigeria born accent,It was uncle Tamedo,i knew i was going to have fun with this,i started recording our conversation..
   U.T::What’s the name? (He actually   forgot to ask me,who knows what he saved my contact as).
  ME:: Deola..(the fastest name that came to my mind).
U.T::Beutifu name!
U.T::Deola! I really love your physic,please,what your denomination? (😒 what has my church got to do with your pervert life now).
ME:: so-so church
U.T:: ha nice*changed to Yoruba* I’m using the God of *pastor’s name to beg you, (😤he has guts sha)I’m crazy about you,let me just show you off in this city,i love you.
ME:: okay😒
U.T:: Can i see you tomorrow?
ME::no,I’ll be busy.
U.T::you’re on wazzap,i will message you.
ME:: okay.
U.T:: Deola! Please consider what i told you,af a nice night,sweet dreams.
ME::you too.
  I dropped the phone and hissed,you know that long,”don’t-tell-me-nonsense” kinda hiss,i quickly saved his contact as “Agbaya” ,which means,an older person that does not respect himself.
I listened to the recorded conversation and had a good laugh,instantly sent it to my closest friends to have a good laugh too.
   Uncle Tamedo  called the second day but i kept ignoring,he doesn’t call anymore,i guess he has seen another young girl he’s crazy about.:)




9 thoughts on “UNCLE,BIKO!I’M JUST 17 (2)

  1. greysweaterdude says:

    😂😂😂 he’s lucky you’re the good type that won’t string him along, drain him of all he’s got while making sure he doesn’t even know what color of undies you have on, how much more the brand. But then, I trust there’s someone else that will do that and worse to him. And he would totally deserve it. Love nwa gba kwa oku 😡😡😡

    (that means the love should catch fire and burn!)


  2. technobabble1 says:

    I’m sure he was so heartbroken that he just couldn’t bring himself to call again… That’s gotta be it, right? I want to say things are so much different here in the United States… But creepy, pervy older guys shamelessly hitting on girls is, methinks, a universal issue. 😒

    Liked by 1 person

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