Why do older people get overprotective?
They feel like they’re looking out for us,yes,we understand that,but what we don’t understand is you peeping while we’re making a call,monitoring faces(for a smile) while we are with phones,spying through phones and messages,stalking us on every social media.Why??.
  I’ll tell anyone that cares to know,lurk and spy all you want,that won’t make us good or holy,it won’t stop anything.
Lurking around like a thief is just weird,looking through the phone each and every other time is weird and that  “what are you hiding?,who are you chatting with?,who just called you?” Is just annoying. Please,it’s not looking out or whatever,its over do,we’ll do if we want to.
That’s why a lot of teenagers end up really bad,you don’t expect me to pour my mind out to someone that’ll judge me,yell and freak out,that’s why teenagers will talk to a person willing to listen without being freaky or just adopt a behavior that they feel they can confide in.



8 thoughts on “🔗Shackles(2)

  1. technobabble1 says:

    No problem. 🙂 Now, at the same time, I had a number of adult friends when I was a teenager–people that I felt comfortable talking to about anything. Like you alluded to, people that were going to listen with an open-minded, non-judgmental ear. People that would not fly off the handle if I said something shocking. THAT is something that many parents (my own included, at the time) don’t really understand. I know way too many parents that assume talking or texting between their teenager and an adult must mean only one thing. Just ask Uncle Biko from your earlier post. 🙂


      • technobabble1 says:

        Ah, the gift of the social media and simple long-distance communication. You can make friends with people–teens and adults–from thousands of miles away, have your say, get feedback, get a digital shoulder to lean or cry on…and be absolutely safe. Not that that idea soothes your father, but at least you know that he has nothing to worry about. 🙂

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  2. technobabble1 says:

    Not to be a buzzkill, but you have to at least think a little from a parental perspective. There are so many hidden and not-so-hidden dangers around these days. Parents need to try and keep up with what their kids are doing. Now, the simplest way is to talk openly and honestly with their kids. But sometimes kids have things they don’t want to share. Sometimes they’re innocent enough. Sometimes they’re things that they know their parents wouldn’t appreciate or understand for genuine reasons like closed-minded anti-LGBTQ parents of a gay or lesbian or transgender child/teen. I’ve known a few kids that have had very adult, mature interests that they did not want to share with their parents–stuff beyond just a simple interest in the opposite sex. In the end, it is a parent’s job to keep his or her kids safe. I know that’s hard to stomach sometimes…

    AND if we’re talking about non-parent adults prying into your personal matters, that’s just plain creepy. 🙂

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  3. Candid Hassey says:

    That is so true. I remember those annoying times. The truth is if I wanted to hide anything from them, I could do so effortlessly, so all the snooping was not necessary. But they do care about you. That’s why they snoop. It’s a firm of overprotectiveness, but a firm of love as well.

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