Sorry! Eskiss me! I saw you from afar,i was waving,you didn’t answer me,am Tamedo!can i have your number?”
He stood in front of me and poured some compositions i barely heard,Uncle Tamedo looked like he’s in his early 30s,with a potbelly that obviously read

I’ve been to every bar around

I saw him standing next to an electric pole with his blackberry touch in his hands,beaming and waving,i ignored him and paid attention to the busy road i was about to cross,i crossed and stood at the other side,waiting for a bus in the scorching sun,”uncle Tamedo gingerly crossed and before i could say boli and epa,he quickly narrated his life in few words,i was too tired to even start up a “am sorry,i can’t give you my number” conversation,giving him a false number won’t work cause i know he’ll try it there.
I asked for his number instead( because i know i won’t call) .“Ah! No,lemme af yours instead”,My soul,spirit and body begged me to give him so he’ll give us space to keep chanting
challenge!’ at every moving bus,i obeyed and just gave him,He kuku called it and
showed a yellow set of broken teeth.
*      *     *        *      *       *      *      *     *



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