🔗Shackles (1)

I got a news earlier this week that a childhood friend just had her baby,i was dazed,not because of the pregnancy but dazed at how she was able to go past her family’s strict protocol.
Let’s call her ‘B’,B is from a religious fanatic family,the kinda family where they clearly state rules thinking it’ll make their children the best;

“no earrings,the trousers for females,no circular music and yes,friends will be inspected to avoid “worldly influence”,

B spends most of her time in church,a devoted chorister  in the children and teen’s church,so you can imagine the amount of shock her pregnancy will bring,i feel like she has been caged,controlled and made into a shadow….



2 thoughts on “🔗Shackles (1)

  1. greysweaterdude says:

    One thing I’ve come to realize (even from personal experience) is that overprotective measures rarely work and too many rules usually end up being counterproductive. It’s not as if the overprotective person or parent does it out of malicious intent but mostly out of fear. And, unfortunately, sometimes, that thing they were most afraid of that made them become overprotective happens.

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