SHE 2 👧

Her eyes ran through the messages on her
chat screen with Her wet bulgy eyes, which
she’s relaxing after stressing the Poor cute
eyes.She chuckled when a message popped
on Her screen,it was from one of her best
friends, the only male Among them. Her
companion though,goes off really fast,She
sighed, “You have to stay on for a while
please” she speaks like she’s Referring to a
friend who wants to leave her alone in a
dark room. She clicked on the chat screen
and quickly punched the keyboard
Lightly.she was about to click on one of the
200+ songs,when she Remembered that
she was still in Nigeria and PHCN is still
punishing The street. * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * “Arghh!! Thank God!” The words flew
out of her mouth when she heard The
freezer vibrates and makes the sound that
signified that the ‘masters’ Were now happy
to turn on the ‘gaddamn’ light. Crawling on
her belly,she made way to the socket To
feed her phone. She got up and ran to the
toilet ‘damn!!’, realizing She has been
punishing her ‘vee-vee’ and bladder,she
Threw herself on the toilet seat, eased her
bladder and Rolled her eyes,she let air out
of her mouth and sighed, Signifying how
relaxed she felt,while listening to the ‘drop-
drop’ Sound of her urine go down the bowl
and the awkward deafening Silence around
her,she knew it was the beginning of a new
life of A normal Nigerian girl,the freedom
ahead,the beauty beneath and The life



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