Every time i read about feminism,it breaks my heart,how women are expected to live their life for some other know, you’d hear an average African parent go like “is that how you’ll behave when you get married”..the excitement and thrill of getting married when beneath ,you’re scared, “will the love fade away?,”Will my face eventually bore him?” We re automatically made slaves,while people go on chanting” the woman is to be submissive” abeg,don’t you guys read it all the way down? You’re to make money and take it to your husband like the way the women bring their annual harvest Thanksgiving to the altar.


on’t make more money than your  
husband“That ambition will affect your     marital life” “Your husband won’t approve of that” “men don’t want women that are ambitious or independent”.
Can we free ourselves and live for ourselves?  If you go 6ft down,wont he remarry? He’ll be able to close his eyes and sleep at night 💤,your children will live too… Please woman,remember to live for yourself…you’re beautiful😘💪👭🙌



4 thoughts on “LIVE FOR YOU TOO

  1. Nkiru says:

    It’s just too accurate. Especially in Africa, people realize but don’t acknowledge the power of a woman. I think it’s the lack of proper education but God will help us ijn.

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