Muna twirled in front of the new and only mirror in their cramped hostel room,rubbing her tummy..
Ebun,don’t you think i need a waist trainer?my stomach is getting too big for my liking o”.
  Ebun looked up from her Brittany chaser’s novel,she has read the book many times,that the edges chirped,Ebun couldn’t understand what Muna needed a waist trainer for,she envied her flat and smooth stomach..
Waist trainer for what?”
  ” which kind question be that? For my stomach now,i need that figure 8 o,its trending die!”
  Uhm! Don’t you think you’d end up squeezing your intestines? Why don’t you keep a healthy diet and exercise? Ha! Me i  don’t see what you people love in punishing yourselves o”.
Muna frowned her brows,tilted her head and shrugged,accepting the long talk of Ebun.
   “Nne,thanks Love,i have to go to the buttery,then town,abeg,stay safe”
She took a last glance at the mirror,smacked her lips and exited the room.
*    *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *  *  *  *   *   *    *   



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