Tbh(to be honest) my imagination brought out the weird title,well,that’s for some other time,that might not come.
When i talk to people about how i feel when am angry,i literally hear

“its normal,you’re in the teenage phase”

i often roll my eyes at words like that,cause it seems programmed,to believe that when a teenager is angry or going through some emotions,that it’s just a phase in life,everyone has their emotions,if a 40 year old is going through somethings,do they call it “the adult phase of life where everything literally pisses you off?”.
Please uncles and aunties,try and understand,you were once a teenager,because you’re 33 doesn’t wipe away the fact that you were not once 18,’s no silly phase😒😒



4 thoughts on “BALDED PSYCHO

  1. CommonSenseTom says:

    No human feelings should ever be dismissed as “only a phase”… feelings are valid… from the day we’re born till the day we die. Great blog with a very important message to all who follow you… I know I’m going to follow you!

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