It’s okay

sometimes,its ok being the fool,the naive one,if you can dig the past,analyse it,curse out,cry,do whatever,sit down,murder the old,nice,innocent one,dont leave a drop of blood,burn it and throw the ashes into the sea,clean ur mind,ur heart,your spirit and soul,roll up and a nikka try you…#LoveYourselfEvenIfNobodyWill…Morning loves..youre BAE ❤




That’s a man’s job”: Our society has
stereotyped certain roles, jobs, occupation and
careers to males. A woman who tries one of
these masculine role, is therefore seen as odd.
Parents should learn to tell their daughters there
are no specific jobs or career men, it makes
them broaden their thoughts.
While i was waiting for my school to resume,i decided to learn how to cut people’s hair,become a barber,the thought of doing something unique,the reactions i got were so funny,like people were surprised,they said where have i seen a female doing that.i allowed them bury my hope.
Months later,we saw a female being praised for being a barber,and i wondered where the famous “what a man can do,a woman can do better” ran to.



(I wrote this in 2015,the year was pretty shaky,i  just decided to share)
*        *        *       *     *     *     *    *     *    *     The sun down was really pretty,golden orange, i sat down and
Stared at it non stop, the sight threw me back to the end of 2014,
how i was so excited about 2015,i laughed and shook my head,
Surprised at how i was not feeling giddy about 2016.
2015,this year ,mehh,was revealing, i grew in this year,it
Embraced and eventually knocked me hard.
I was pretty excited bout how I’d move out of the secondary
Student thang and get into the tertiary ,how I’d clock 16 and all da
Shii,i was really positive about this year.
True to my expectations,i wrote all my exams,clocked 16, and
Got my admission,cool, in between all of these,a solid part of me
Was crashing,the things i love were drowning,but i couldn’t save them.
I lost all i ever loved and lost myself too, i was screaming but i couldn’t
Even hear myself.i resulted into doing one thing,crying,that was the only
Thing i could think of,just cry,i was drowning in my own tears,Life gave me
A tough one,i was tested with things beyond my age and thinking,i was battered.
The people i know whom i called “friends” the people i’d die for but wont even
Ride for me, some people arent just meant to be with you till the end of the race.
The Love and Power of blood was displayed, siblings are just the next thing you
Can have or pray for.
2015 made me know how to make pain look really good,how to fight back my tears,
How to grow into what you ought to be.
I met new people and made a lot of mistakes,i learnt and i taught,i received and i
Gave, i did hurt some people and i was stabbed too,the one person i could pour it out
To wasn’t really listening. The insults and how i gave up.
I’m breathing, maybe I’m happy,maybe i accomplished my 2015 goals.
I don’t really have any goal for 2016,bobo should just do its thing, I’m grateful for the
Smiles and the laughter, my loves who stayed with me and tried to pull me out when i was
Drowning, I really really love every bit of you guys,i hope your 2016 wont be like the craii side of my 2015.     Have a beautiful 2016 like i will.



*      *     *      *        *        *      *     *   
I eventually got a bus,as per Ibadan public transport,there was a lot of cursing and insults,I eventually got home in peace
  My phone rang,an unidentified number,i received the call,with my finest innit accent,i asked whom i was speaking with,my face gently lost joy and i returned to my Nigeria born accent,It was uncle Tamedo,i knew i was going to have fun with this,i started recording our conversation..
   U.T::What’s the name? (He actually   forgot to ask me,who knows what he saved my contact as).
  ME:: Deola..(the fastest name that came to my mind).
U.T::Beutifu name!
U.T::Deola! I really love your physic,please,what your denomination? (😒 what has my church got to do with your pervert life now).
ME:: so-so church
U.T:: ha nice*changed to Yoruba* I’m using the God of *pastor’s name to beg you, (😤he has guts sha)I’m crazy about you,let me just show you off in this city,i love you.
ME:: okay😒
U.T:: Can i see you tomorrow?
ME::no,I’ll be busy.
U.T::you’re on wazzap,i will message you.
ME:: okay.
U.T:: Deola! Please consider what i told you,af a nice night,sweet dreams.
ME::you too.
  I dropped the phone and hissed,you know that long,”don’t-tell-me-nonsense” kinda hiss,i quickly saved his contact as “Agbaya” ,which means,an older person that does not respect himself.
I listened to the recorded conversation and had a good laugh,instantly sent it to my closest friends to have a good laugh too.
   Uncle Tamedo  called the second day but i kept ignoring,he doesn’t call anymore,i guess he has seen another young girl he’s crazy about.:)





🎶Won gbo mii – Base10
              Hey Loves!.
Sorry i couldn’t update today,today was really hectic😥 ,and the sun, puhleeze!! it has tanned me enough.
So please! I’m just learning and all,i need your help,kindly advise me on things that needs improvements,encourage me,cause that’s what keeps me going.
I’ll drop the 2nd post on Uncle,biko! I’m 17.,it’s so hilarious,you have to read it.
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Why do older people get overprotective?
They feel like they’re looking out for us,yes,we understand that,but what we don’t understand is you peeping while we’re making a call,monitoring faces(for a smile) while we are with phones,spying through phones and messages,stalking us on every social media.Why??.
  I’ll tell anyone that cares to know,lurk and spy all you want,that won’t make us good or holy,it won’t stop anything.
Lurking around like a thief is just weird,looking through the phone each and every other time is weird and that  “what are you hiding?,who are you chatting with?,who just called you?” Is just annoying. Please,it’s not looking out or whatever,its over do,we’ll do if we want to.
That’s why a lot of teenagers end up really bad,you don’t expect me to pour my mind out to someone that’ll judge me,yell and freak out,that’s why teenagers will talk to a person willing to listen without being freaky or just adopt a behavior that they feel they can confide in.



Sorry! Eskiss me! I saw you from afar,i was waving,you didn’t answer me,am Tamedo!can i have your number?”
He stood in front of me and poured some compositions i barely heard,Uncle Tamedo looked like he’s in his early 30s,with a potbelly that obviously read

I’ve been to every bar around

I saw him standing next to an electric pole with his blackberry touch in his hands,beaming and waving,i ignored him and paid attention to the busy road i was about to cross,i crossed and stood at the other side,waiting for a bus in the scorching sun,”uncle Tamedo gingerly crossed and before i could say boli and epa,he quickly narrated his life in few words,i was too tired to even start up a “am sorry,i can’t give you my number” conversation,giving him a false number won’t work cause i know he’ll try it there.
I asked for his number instead( because i know i won’t call) .“Ah! No,lemme af yours instead”,My soul,spirit and body begged me to give him so he’ll give us space to keep chanting
challenge!’ at every moving bus,i obeyed and just gave him,He kuku called it and
showed a yellow set of broken teeth.
*      *     *        *      *       *      *      *     *


🔗Shackles (1)

I got a news earlier this week that a childhood friend just had her baby,i was dazed,not because of the pregnancy but dazed at how she was able to go past her family’s strict protocol.
Let’s call her ‘B’,B is from a religious fanatic family,the kinda family where they clearly state rules thinking it’ll make their children the best;

“no earrings,the trousers for females,no circular music and yes,friends will be inspected to avoid “worldly influence”,

B spends most of her time in church,a devoted chorister  in the children and teen’s church,so you can imagine the amount of shock her pregnancy will bring,i feel like she has been caged,controlled and made into a shadow….


Hate X Envy

I find it hilarious when people think all women are based on the “hateXenvy”,true to the words,a lot of girls tend to give themselves the “hateful and scornful look”,ive seen that happen,in school and public places, I’m currently drafting on an issue that happened in my high-school before i got enraged to write this in few minutes.
Not every lady does that,not every lady hates on the other.
  It becomes unbearable when someone literally paints you in that manner of “hateXenvy”, Another lady is automatically tagged jealous when  another lady comes in,why the tag? Why  do you have to conclude and be judgmental about another person’s feelings when you can’t see into their minds,Not every lady is based on the “hateXenvy”.



What’s the name of that cream?

2007,we were girls in our primary school where the surrounding smelt of wet earth in the rainy season and dry soil in the dry season,In our ever clean and not too clean, blue and white checked gown and beret,On the assembly ground,where the green,white,green flag waving on the long,white pole,With the loud,piercing voice of  a  teacher instructing with the

“line up according to your heights!”

  We’ll march gracefully,till we got to the final class,where we merely walk carelessly with the bass of the drum thumping in our hearts.
  9years later,Zainab in class B,the girl teachers call Ebony,stood in front of me now looking like Fanta+Coke