She laid down,heaving loudly after her¬†‘good cry’,She lost the war again,sniffing¬†loudly and patting the bed up and¬†down,side by side,searching for her best¬†companion,which rooms whats her only¬†hope of joy and smiles, her Android¬†Phone,which has given her so much, joy¬†and pain. She turned it on and the light¬†almost blinded her, she gave out a loud¬†chuckle,she wondered, was it because of¬†the light that gave her eyes,the bulgy, wet¬†eyes,that little blindness in the dark room¬†after ‘PHCN’ decided to punish the street,or¬†because of her ‘good cry’,or the world¬†waiting for her in her phone.

¬†IMG_20151207_023741She scrolled¬†fast and her companion made the sound of¬†a man who probably sounded like ‘Kratos’,¬†the guy she has seen on her brother’s¬†PlayStation and heard him talk bout ‘kratos’¬†more than a million time;with an¬†unexplainable joy in her heart,she raced¬†down to ‘BBM’,to her new found family in¬†which she finds solace in,with biting lips¬†and fast finger,which her almond nails were¬†in charge,she felt beautiful seeing those¬†fine nude nails she saw Riri,Beyonce and¬†Eva… …


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