It breaks her heart,she felt like a wanderer,She heard herself breathing,she drank more water,stared at her phone,which contained her only hope of laughter and smiles,she saw the message, but tried to prentend like it was not meant for her , She knew it was for her,she tasted it,the thing that Clots and holds her throat,she knew if she swallowed,the drops Of salty water would be freed,she wanted to fight ,wanted To be free from herself, from the people she adored,she felt Insecured,she lost her bestfriends,she lied more to hide her new self,she hates the fact that her laughter rings out the loudest, Her smile the widest,showing her non-equal,tiny teeth,she was Pretending to be her shadow,she was drifting.


8 thoughts on “DRIFTING HEARTS

  1. Adebiyi Emmanuel Kayode (Emmykay) says:

    Hum! Little did I know that the subject matter of discourse will be catching, and reflect the menace in the society whilst being logically proffering a way forward between the lines.
    It knocks on my Faculty of reasoning and left me pondering about my historical antecedents in particular and that of the human populace at large. Good job Our blogger!
    Art for art sake


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