She laid down,heaving loudly after her ‘good cry’,She lost the war again,sniffing loudly and patting the bed up and down,side by side,searching for her best companion,which rooms whats her only hope of joy and smiles, her Android Phone,which has given her so much, joy and pain. She turned it on and the light almost blinded her, she gave out a loud chuckle,she wondered, was it because of the light that gave her eyes,the bulgy, wet eyes,that little blindness in the dark room after ‘PHCN’ decided to punish the street,or because of her ‘good cry’,or the world waiting for her in her phone.

 IMG_20151207_023741She scrolled fast and her companion made the sound of a man who probably sounded like ‘Kratos’, the guy she has seen on her brother’s PlayStation and heard him talk bout ‘kratos’ more than a million time;with an unexplainable joy in her heart,she raced down to ‘BBM’,to her new found family in which she finds solace in,with biting lips and fast finger,which her almond nails were in charge,she felt beautiful seeing those fine nude nails she saw Riri,Beyonce and Eva… …



Everytime we open our eyes to a new day, Bidex 20160313_193920God Is giving us another chance to start afresh to touch lives,to live life,to be better,When Some people who knows they have a short time To live,talk bout themselves, most of them aint In for self-pity, they only want the rest of us to Appreciate this gift of life. You’re broke,your CGPA (or whatever) is low, That admission is still pending,you’ve written jamb For the 99th time,you’re still begging daddy for t.fare At 39yrs..Will you shut up and be thankful? Some People re looking

for ways to stay alive and just be happy.




It breaks her heart,she felt like a wanderer,She heard herself breathing,she drank more water,stared at her phone,which contained her only hope of laughter and smiles,she saw the message, but tried to prentend like it was not meant for her , She knew it was for her,she tasted it,the thing that Clots and holds her throat,she knew if she swallowed,the drops Of salty water would be freed,she wanted to fight ,wanted To be free from herself, from the people she adored,she felt Insecured,she lost her bestfriends,she lied more to hide her new self,she hates the fact that her laughter rings out the loudest, Her smile the widest,showing her non-equal,tiny teeth,she was Pretending to be her shadow,she was drifting.


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